Spring Wind - Soft Plaster #7

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Spring Wind - Soft Plaster #7

Sinew-soothing Application

Blood-quickening and pain-relieving agents form the basis of this formula. Pu Huang, Su Mu, Hong Hua, and Chi Shao quicken blood. Agents such as Du Huo and Ban Xia dispel damp and quicken the channels and Tian Nan Xing and Cao Wu relieve pain. The formula contains Shan Zhi Zi and Da Huang to counteract some of the warm herbs and to clear heat, dissipate swelling and soothe pain. The balanced nature of this formula makes it a good one for treating second-stage sinew damage that is neither hot nor cold. It is most appropriate when stiffness and an aching, persistent pain are the main symptoms. The formula’s strongest feature is its ability to soothe pain and move the qi and blood of the traumatized region.

Functions: Soothe pain, quicken blood, dissipate swelling and stasis.

Method of application: Some practitioners prefer to apply this ointment warm. To do this they gently warm the dressing over an alcohol burner before application. If this is done, care must be taken not to apply the soft plaster while it is too hot. Alternatively, after securing the plaster, a heat lamp can be used to warm the plaster. Care must be taken to avoid burns.

Contraindications: This soft plaster should not be applied to open wounds. Avoid contact with eyes or mucus membranes. This soft plaster will stain fabric.  Keep out of reach of children.

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