Our Story

Dr Simon J Feeney has studied Traditional Medicine under a Theravadin Buddhist Monk for the past 25 years. This inspired his formal studies in Melbourne at the Southern School of Natural Therapies where he completed his Bachelor Degree of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. 

Simon has completed an extensive post-graduate education including a specialist course in Canonical Chinese Medicine under the international acclaimed educator and physician Dr Arnaud Versluys PhD director of Institute of Classical East Asian Medicine (ICEAM).

Driven by a passion for seeing better results for his patients, Simon, spent the last 10 years scaling the planet in search of top quality herbs. He found that in too many cases the incorrect species or very low quality herbs were made available to most practitioners in Australia. He didn't stop this search until he found Andrew Ellis from Spring Wind in the United States and started the company Empirical Health.

Now, in partnership with Spring Wind, Empirical Health is the first and only company to bring pesticide free herbs to Australia. Australia's Chinese Medicine practitioners are very blessed for the opportunity to access these herbs as they are in extremely high demand worldwide. 

And what makes these herbs the best? Our 'Three Tier Testing' process only accepts a 'non detectable' result. This means, that in order for us to say it's a AAA Grade herb it has under taken this testing policy and passed. This standard is currently the highest in the world. 

When it comes to our pills and powder we prepare, soak, steep, boil, steam, grind, sieve, mix and roll to achieve the highest quality formulas available.

We have gone to enormous lengths to source the highest grade herbs and we can guarantee that all the formulas we make use these herbs and only these herbs.  We do not put anything in that is not part of the formula itself.  All honey pills are made with…yep…honey.

Everything that is mentioned in the original texts that each formula comes from is performed the way it was intended.  It is expected that all formulas are further compounded with other formulas or individual herbs to be prescribed to individual patients based on a practitioners diagnosis and treatment principles.  To have access to our products all practitioners must be registered with local authorities.


Our premium herbs are tested for:

Pesticides, Aflotoxins, Aluminum Phosphate, Sulphur , Organophosphates/nitrates/chlorides, Heavy Metals, Microbacteria, Mold, Yeast, Pyrethroids.

As well as this we use a variety of Organic herbs certified by Australian Organic Certification (ACO).

See our page 'Our Herbs' for a more detailed explanation about our testing policy and quality discernment.



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