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Making a Tang (Decoction) via the "Steep Method”

Posted by Empirical Health on

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Get the most out of your formulas.⁠🌿⁠

At Empirical Health we feel the most important thing is understanding the key components: correct herb identification; quality discernment of the particular herbs; dosage/ratio; and administration technique.⁠ ⁠

Focusing on the administration technique: Wan (Honey Pearl); San (Powder); Tang (Decoction) - they all are different, each having different actions on the body. ⁠ ⁠ This video walks you through a method to make a Tang (Decoction) via the "Steep Method."⁠ ⁠

Easy to prep, and enjoy. Adhering to all the key components to get the most out of your herbs.⁠ 🌿🌱☘️⁠

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