Ai Ye - Folium Artemisiae Argyi - Mugwort Leaf

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Ai Ye - Folium Artemisiae Argyi - Mugwort Leaf

Channels: SP, LIV, KI
Properties: Bitter, Spicy, Warm
Latin: Artemisiae Argyi Folium
Chinese: 艾叶
Tone Marks: ài yè
Common Name: Mugwort Leaf

Herbs that Stop Bleeding

• Warms the Channels and Stops Bleeding
Stops menstrual and uterine bleeding from deficient cold conditions, for problems such as possible miscarriage.
• Dispels Cold and Alleviates Pain
For cold caused dysmenorrhea and abdominal pain.
• Calms the Fetus
For Restless Fetus Syndrome.
• Relieves asthma, cough, and resolves phlegm
For asthma and cough.

3-9 grams

• Use caution for those with Blood Heat.
• Use caution for those with Yin Deficiency.
• Applied topically, it may cause redness and itching.
• Taken Internally, it may increase appetite and food consumption.

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