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The Round Table - Term 2 2020

The Round Table - Term 2 2020


Sitting with a cup of tea and listening to Laurie is the thing to do on a Thursday night (or whatever time it is that you listen).

These sessions are for ICEAM Graduates versed in the Tian Lineage pulse system.

Please choose your option in the drop down menu - General Topics or Lines (or both)

Thank you for your interest, we hope you are excited. 

We haven been running these online mini lectures every 2 weeks for many years now with great feedback.

Everyone is now free to join any and as many groups as they want.  No limits...

The groups are: 

Lines - This is going over the lines one by one to get a deeper understanding and appreciation (it's been very well received)

General Topics - This group is open to multiple topics that students can suggest. (very flexible and open for anyone to suggest ideas) Pulse topics will be included in these sessions. 

The classes will be charged for the next 6 sessions. $59 AUD per session per class. So it's $354 AUD for all of term 2. They run on a Thursday at 8pm AEST.

All the sessions are now recorded and a copy of the recording will be sent to you after each session for your own records (please note that these are not to be shared to others - as this would result in the cancelation of the recordings and spoil it for others). So if you don't make the time or you live in a different time zone then this is great news for you.

Schedule will be emailed to you once you join.

We will be using the platform Uberconference to assist with the the best possible interaction. Simply create an account and you can join once we invite you each time via email, it's easy.

Please join us to share, grow and learn.

If you have any further questions please let me know.